Saudi Trader is committed to ensuring the confidentiality and privacy of its users. Protecting our user’s trust is paramount to us. This document discloses the information practices and outlines the user privacy and the terms that govern it. We request all users (new and existing) to carefully read the below the privacy policy and the terms defined therein prior to submission.

I: We are committed to protecting user information and shall not use this for any illegal, unauthorized purposes, transactions or activities whatsoever.

II: However, there are specific areas, functions or exceptions where we may use your personal information. These are as follows:

For promoting safe transactions that are in compliance with privacy laws under the jurisdiction that we operate in; for collecting fees, service charges; for troubleshooting technical problems; providing customer support; conflict resolution (if any), addressing user feedback; improve the overall user experience, enhances the quality of our service(s); is on par with latest trends, best practices, technical or business developments; for personalizing user interaction; sharing announcements based on user preferences, if any.

We also may use the information to communicate with you, for example, informing you about relevant company news, special promotions, events, customer service, or in relation to specific transactions to provide support to products or services you have obtained from us to name a few.

III: We request each user to provide the latest, accurate and updated contact and user information, voluntarily and in particular when required and/or requested.

IV: We will not disclose your personal information or user information without your consent unless in particular circumstances required for compliance and/or as above prescribed and/or only when required by law to respond to a legal process or compliance to combat fraud or protect our interests and/or the rights of other customers.

V: For the development & provision of select services or to enhance the user experience, we work with select affiliates, partners, contractors and vendors who carry the highest credentials and have a worldwide reputation. Any such interaction with third parties will not affect user’s privacy or rights.

VI: We will take appropriate measures to store information, data & correspondence that are legally compliant and ensure the highest level of security, reliability, accuracy and confidentiality.

VII: The system does not allow our staff or third parties to access any user passwords, data or personal information. All the data is encrypted and stored in a secure environment. In the event, of a user forgetting his/her password, the password retrieval system is automated. No staff member can access or see them or will solicit them from a user via email or phone.

IX: The user agrees to receive relevant marketing ads, special promotions, deals for consumer goods & services unless the user wishes not to receive such announcements. In the case, that the user is unwilling to such content, they must follow the instructions to opt-out given on the website or relevant correspondence.

X: The user will not reuse, broadcast any of the content listed on the website or collect user addresses for the purpose of solicitation, email harvesting, spamming or phishing. If the user is found to be involved in such actions, which violates the Terms of Use and/or the Privacy Policy or other governing terms we have the right to take appropriate action, including blocking the user and resort to legal action if required.

XII: We have the right to automatically scan, monitor, track any e-mails, content, communications or transactions transmitted internally or externally from its website(s) for the purposes of review, ensure service quality or security audit purposes. In the case of use for external communication, does not save or store the addresses of other persons permanently or use them for marketing purposes.

XIII: We reserve the right to monitor, review any content, transaction or interaction on the site. We do not assume any liability with respect to the data stored, processed, shared or retrieved in any form whatsoever and reserve the right to revise, modify, and amend from time to time, this Statement in part or entirety with additional information without prior notice or reason. Any such changes do not entitle the user to claim any compensation or damage caused due to this action.

XIV: We do not assume liability or responsibility to any user in any form whatsoever for any direct or indirect material or moral rights that may arise from the use of this Website or our affiliated network of websites and are not responsible for the accuracy, omissions of the information or any delay or interruption or any other reason.

XV: We may allow you to interact with other Web sites on which you may have accounts, provide links or embed third-party apps, services from our website(s) at our discretion. A user of such links, applications, or services is subject to the respective third parties’ usage terms & privacy policies, must become familiar before using them, and should do so at their own responsibility and risk. We are not responsible for the privacy practices, usage, content, credibility, security, user policies or terms of third party sites, external links, applications or services.

XVII: We may amend in part or whole the Privacy Policy from time to time, without prior notice. The revised version will be effective as of the date of publication. If the user continues to use our services, the user by default is in compliance and acceptance of the terms and conditions contained in the amended version of the new.

XVIII: We will not indemnify, compensate or provide for any damages incurred to any party for usage of our website.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Statement, or want to report a violation, file a complaint or give feedback or suggestions, we encourage you to contact us at the following e-mail: is owned by Dalil Alnass Technology License No. 1010483242